May 27, 2023
Además de brillante teólogo, Ratzinger es un gran jugador de ajedrez: conservó el munus petrinus, con el que preservó el caracter de Vicario de Cristo, y le dejó a Bergoglio solo el cargo administrativo del papado con lo cual, todos actos que realiza como supuesto "Papa" son inválidos. Además, en su texto de renuncia, en Latín, escribió intencionalmente un error que nadie hizo notar, el cual invalida toda la renuncia, incluso al cargo administrativo y a toda la institución del papado.

Groups of cardinals and bishops point out that "Francis" has covered for homosexual and paedophile cardinals and bishops, followers of his modernist doctrine, while only denouncing hierarchs who do not follow it, and has fallen into two serious heresies that compromise the salvation of souls: communion for the divorced and remarried, and communion for Protestants married to Catholics.

Cardinal Godfried Danneels confesses that he and other Cardinals plotted to force Pope Benedict XVI to resign and make way for Bergoglio. According to the ruling of the Church, this group, which he himself calls a “mafia”, is excommunicated latae sententiae.

Aside from the fact that the renunciation of Benedict XVI was invalid, as he was submitted to international pressures as well as death threats and threats of schism, and apart from the fact that Bergoglio and nine other cardinals excommunicated themselves from the church before the 2013 conclave by illicitly plotting in favour of the Argentinian.

Shortly after the death of Pope Albino Luciano on the 28 of September 1978, hardly thirty three days after being elected successor of the today blessed Paul VI, different versions began doing the rounds that John Paul I had been murdered and did not die a natural death as the official version had maintained.

Two key figures that are mentioned in the book of the Apocalypse are two women, one of them “clothed with the sun”, and the other which is the “great whore”.