July 16, 2024

In the Apocalyptic symbolism of Saint John, the Great Tribulation is dominated by two persons, the Antichrist, whom he portrays as the Beast who comes out of “The Sea”, a representation of political power, and the Beast who comes out of “The earth”, a symbol of the religious arena. To the latter he gives the name of the “Second Beast”, who is at the service of the First, and makes all humanity adore him.

He also calls the Second Beast the “False Prophet”, labelling him as a seducer who tries to emulate Christ, adulterating the true religion.

Leonardo Castellani says: “When the temporal structure of the Church loses the outpouring of the Spirit, and the adulterated religion becomes the Great Whore, then the Man of Sin will appear and his False Prophet, who will be at the same time the Supreme Pontiff of the Globe, or will have a False Pontiff under his orders. Alfredo Saenz puts a finer point on it: “It is not that the Church will lose the Faith but it will be severely affected. All the energies of the devil will be concentrated in perverting that which is specifically religious. The devil is not interested in killing, but in corrupting, poisoning, and falsifying”.

The Pseudo-Church or Counter-Church will preach democracy, solidarity, tolerance, universal brotherhood, becoming almost a new religion.

Castellani is of the opinion that the warning to the Church of Laodicea, by its indifference and infidelity in the latter epoch of the Church, corresponds to the “Great Apostasy” announced by Saint Paul and by Jesus Himself. Luckily, when He speaks about punishment He says “I will begin to vomit you” (Apoc. 3, 16), which implies that the vomit or rejection on the part of God will not be consuming. Those who resist and do penance will be saved. It will be the time of the Parable of the darnel. When harvest time arrives is when the darnel is most like the corn.

This is precisely the role entrusted to the False Prophet. The Apocalypse shows us the Temple profaned but not destroyed. Religion will be maintained but adulterated; dogmas will be emptied of their content and substituted for idolatrous doctrines. The Temple will last because it doesn’t have to be destroyed, it will serve so the Antichrist may be seated there “Making himself adored as God” (2 Thes.2, 4). It is the abominable desolation announced by Daniel (Dan. 9, 27) and by Christ (Mt. 24, 15). But the corruption of the Church will not be complete. The Pseudo Prophet will manage to violate the atrium and the naves, but the Tabernacle or the Holy of Holies will be preserved. The falsified Church will join the endeavour to seek the Kingdom in this world, with the most efficient means, hence the most satanic. It is the temptation of the Millennial Reign but without Christ, a Christianity purged of the cross and doing without the Parousia.

The unification of the world will be achieved by terror and lies: political terror and the lie of a false religion, a totally falsified Christianity.

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José Alberto Villasana Munguía

José Alberto Villasana Munguía is a Writer and analyst of political, economic and religious international affairs.

He studied Theology in the Gregorian University in Rome, Philosophy in the Angelicum University in Rome, Classical Humanities in the Centre for Higher Studies in Salamanca, Spain and International Communications in the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM), specialising in Eschatology since 1995.

He is Academic Adviser to the International Institute of Human Rights.

He is a director member of the Journalist’s Club of Mexico.

He is President of the pro life civil association “Life to be Born” (Vida para Nacer).

He has received the National Award for Journalism on three occasions in the categories of in-depth investigation.